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Patients of Dr. Loo benefit from professional grade teeth whitening services from the convenience of their own home. The dentists provide fittings for tooth trays and whitening solutions from their practice in the San Francisco and San Ramon, CA areas, brightening the smiles of patients from the Bay Area.



Teeth Whitening Q&A

What Causes Tooth Staining?

Food drink and tobacco are the primary culprits for staining teeth. A person’s teeth can become stained or yellowed because of the substances they put into their mouths including coffee, tea, wine, and cigarettes. Staining can be internal in some instances, which is usually caused by tooth trauma, prolonged use of certain medications, or root canals. Standard topical whitening treatments do not usually help internal discoloration and the dentist may make suggestions for other treatments to brighten internally stained teeth. The dentist will thoroughly examine and clean your teeth to and will recommend the best treatment to brighten your smile.

Can Whitening My Teeth Damage Them?

Professional whitening services will not damage your teeth. Dr. Loo only uses FDA tested and proven whitening products and procedures.  Some patients may experience temporary temperature sensitivity that typically subsides in a couple of days.

What is the Teeth Whitening Process?

The first step in the whitening procedure is an assessment of the teeth for decay or damage. Any conditions must be treated prior to whitening. In some cases, whitening may need to wait until the issue is no longer present. Once the teeth are cleaned and prepared, the dentist will prepare the mouth and teeth for treatment by inserting a soft rubber guard to protect the lips, gums and other soft tissue from the bleaching gel. Then, to create a whiter smile, a specially formulated, light activated hydrogen peroxide gel is brushed onto the surfaces of teeth. As a special light is directed on the gel, it activates the chemicals to whiten the teeth. To ensure proper coating of each tooth and to keep anything from blocking the light, the patient’s lips are held back with a retaining device during the procedure. The patient rests under the light for approximately 15 minutes to allow the gel to work. Lastly, the gel is cleaned off and the lip retainer is taken out. Patients should notice whiter and brighter teeth immediately.

Will My Teeth Need Special Aftercare?

For the first 24 to 48 hours following treatment, patients should avoid consuming anything that causes tooth staining including the common culprits of coffee, tea, wine and cigarettes. Patients may experience short-term mild sensitivity to temperature as well, but this sensation will dissipate after a day or two. For ongoing daily hygiene, patients should brush and floss twice a day, as normal.


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