When is a Crown Necessary?

When is a Crown Necessary?

One of modern dentistry's many wonders is the many ways by which a damaged tooth can be restored. One of the most common ways to do this is by getting a crown. 

A crown helps to fortify a decayed or damaged tooth and restore its function, letting you chomp down on your favorite foods with no worries. 

At LivWell Dentistry in San Francisco and San Ramon, California, we know all too well how limiting living with a damaged tooth can be. This is why Dr. Wenli Loo and Dr. Steve Deng are dedicated to helping you solve dental health problems, including tooth restoration with a crown. 

Learn more about when a crown is necessary and what to expect from the procedure.

What exactly is a crown?

As the name suggests, a crown is a procedure to place a specialized material over a damaged tooth to restore its integrity and function. 

Crowns are made of different types of material from ceramic, porcelain or, less commonly, metal. The most common type of crown is porcelain because that material most closely color-matches to the rest of your teeth. 

We'll be in the best place to determine what type of crown will be ideally suited for your needs after you come in for a consultation. 

When is a crown procedure necessary? 

A crown procedure can be used to fix different dental problems. It's most commonly needed after a root canal. A root canal is an extensive dental procedure that treats decay but leaves your tooth weakened, and a crown helps to fortify it. 

If you’ve just gotten a large filling, a dental crown can be used to cover the filling and support the tooth. It’s also necessary to hold a dental bridge in place and cover any deformed or discolored tooth. 

If you have a crack in your tooth, you may also benefit from a crown. The crown will not only repair your tooth but also prevent any further damage. 

What to expect from a crown procedure 

During your first appointment, we will examine your tooth to determine if a crown is appropriate to repair its damage. 

If you need a crown, we will prepare your tooth for the procedure by removing any damage and installing a temporary crown. 

The temporary crown is a placeholder while we prepare your permanent custom-made crown. When it's ready, we'll ensure it fits appropriately and put it in place. 

Why should I get a crown?

There are many reasons to get a crown. Some of the best benefits include:

Here at LivWell dentistry, we can help you decide if a crown is right for you and get the procedure done effectively and efficiently. Contact us at 415-477-3700, or schedule your appointment on our website. 

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